CLBW CNY Pod Luck Gathering 2010

4 02 2010

Hello to our fellow ex-CLBW Class of 1999,

Happy 2010 and Happy Chinese New Year. Let us kick start the year of tiger with this little gathering in Kuala Lumpur.

We are organizing a simple pot luck type of dinner (There’s no limitation on the value of food, as long as it taste GOOD!  Remember most of us are Penangites, we have certain requirement towards food! Just kidding!. There’s no restriction on food, you can bring liquor, wines, beer as well.  Bring whatever you feel comfortable with.

No worry if you are not from KL or not so close to Pei Ling or whoever. We welcome anyone whether they are from Penang, KL, Singapore etc. As long as you’re exCLBW class of 1999. This is not about food right, it’s all about the company and gathering of our fellow ex-CLBW class of 1999. Don’t be shy to bring your partner as well.

Pei Ling are generous enough to welcome us to her place. Due to privacy reason, we will not disclose the address of her place. No worry if you don’t know how to get there. We will arrange a meet up point somewhere you know and depart from there.

Please confirm your attendance so that we can expect the how many people going to attend.

Hope to see you on the Pot Luck dinner.


alternative url to login to CLB99 blog site

28 08 2009

hi all

as you may notice our url,, is currently unaccessible, most of the user who familiar with this url may not be able to get thru our clb99 blog site.

for temporary solution, please use our alternative url to go to our website, at:

stay tune for the next update

Chung Ling Butterworth 99 Graduation 10th Annual Dinner – Photos Updates

25 03 2009

sorry for my late update, due to very bz on my job.

Once again, i would like to say thanks for those cameraman who contribute their photo for sharing to all of us, your photo contributed will be publish online.

So everybody, are you ready to grab the photo you want and add into your gallery? or even in friendster or facebook?

Here is the link:

For Chee Wooi’s gallery, go to:

For my gallery Plz log on to my Skydrive @ :!AmuLv2!28%24&ct=photos

PS: Temporary publish partial content in my skydrive, the rest will update within a week, thx for ur patient, have a nice day !!

Chung Ling Butterworth 99 Graduation 10th Annual Dinner – Video Updates

29 01 2009

video uploaded by Jessen Extraordinary Studio

more pic upload soon

Today is D Day! Judgement day for Reunion Dinner!

24 01 2009

Yes! Finally, the day we have waiting and preparing for it has come! Today everyone will gather and regroup as ex-Chung Ling Butterworth student. A place where we met, educated and have joyous fun togethers for 5 years!

For yours info, the time and location for reunion dinner as below:

Location: Sunway Convention Centre (It is located same floor as GSC cinema)

Time: 7.00pm till 11.00pm (or late, if you have spare times to mingles around or have a beer together nearby!)

Dress code: Beyond your creativity and imaginary

If you have any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our committee or friends.

See you there!

And the most important is – HAVE FUN!!!!

Chung Ling 99 10th Annual Dinner Meeting : 18/1/2009

19 01 2009

– meeting report temporary unavailable, will update soon –

To All, for those who haven’t claim ur ticket, plz do so.
Hope to see you again soon……..

Meeting will be held once again at same place, chung ling alumni, at Tuesday 20/1/2009 8pm nite.

The shooting

15 01 2009

Here’s another series…thanks to Kai Nian for the photo…

That’s all…